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Requirements & Procedures

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       A. Application for admission for the next school year starts on the following dates:

                1. For Preschool

                                Processing of application starts in September until all available slots are filled up.


                2. For Grade School

                                Application begins in November until available slots are filled up.


                3. For High School  

                                Application forms may be entertained beginning January until available slots are filled up.


                4. For late enrollees and transferees

                                Applicants may be admitted until the end of the First Quarter.


      B. Application Procedures

      1. Secure application form from the Registrar’s Office or download it from for the entrance examinations.

      2. Submit the accomplished application form, the required documents and ID photos.

      3. Pay the examination fee at the Cashier’s Office.

      4. Take the Entrance Examination and wait for the results of the exam.

      5. Successful examinees are scheduled for interview before the final approval of their admission.

      6. Qualified applicants should immediately enroll or at least pay the reservation fee (non-refundable but to be credited in favor of the student upon payment of tuition fees).


Note: All prerequisites already submitted become the file of the school and will not be returned to the examinee. Only photocopies will be submitted after showing the original copy of the needed documents.


      C. Requirements

      1. Age Requirements

                          Nursery: 4 years old by October

                          Kinder: 5 years old by October                                    

                          Grade I: 6 years old by October


      2. Admission Requirements

                          For Transferees and New Students

  • Report Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Passed the admission exam
  • Passed the interview


D.   Testing/ Interview Policy

1.  The examinees must present the Application Form together with the receipt of payment to the Guidance


2. Examinees will not be allowed to leave the testing room once the examination has begun. They are requested to bring their snacks inside the testing room.

3. The psychometrician reserves the right to deny the administration of the admission tests to any examinee who fails to comply with the guidelines.

4. Parent/ Guardian are not allowed to accompany the examinee during testing and interview unless advised to do due to reasonable circumstances.


E. Scheduling of Sections

Student sectioning is available upon enrollment. Student’s section is assigned by their previous advisers according to students ranking and behavior. Request for transfer of section is within the discretion and decision of the school principal.


F. Enrollment Procedures

1. Get the Registration/Enrollment Form at the information table.

2. Submit the accomplished Registration Form together with all the requirements to the Registrar’s Office.

3. Pay the tuition fee and other school fees at the finance office.

4. Prepare for ID picture taking.

5. Go to the library to claim books.


NOTE:  Payment of Reservation Fee does not automatically mean that your son/daughter is already officially enrolled.  The child is officially enrolled when his/her parent/guardian has fulfilled all the requirements within the abovementioned enrollment period. The value of a reservation fee is subject to a deadline to be set by the school administration. 


G. Policy for Non-Catholics

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School is a Catholic institution owned by the Diocese of Novaliches. However, non-Catholics may also apply and may be accepted on the following conditions:


1.  That applicant must, first of all, pass the required screening process.

2.  That the applicant together with the parents/guardians must submit themselves to an interview 

               by the priest/ chaplain or the principal before they can be approved for admission.

3.  That the applicant, with the concurrence of the parents/guardians, must submit a duly signed 

                waiver stating that they are aware of all school policies and are willing to abide by them, e.g.

                          a. attendance and participation in religion/values classes.

    b. participation in religious activities which may be organized by the school.


H. New Student on a Probationary Status

A new student is placed on a probationary status for one year if test results show that he/she is just one or two points away from the cut-off/acceptable score. He/She too will be required to undergo remediation or tutorial classes. A   student on probation must obtain a final academic grade of at least 83 and a conduct grade of 83 or higher. If he/she then shall be accepted as a regular pupil in the succeeding school year.

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