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The Integral Parts of the SCHOOL LOGO and their symbolisms:

Large Outer Figure: Stands for the books in the different key disciplines or various subjects that need to be learned and assimilated by the students to become academically and professionally competent. Represents the Holy Bible as essential source of spiritual nourishment / inspiration in living out the Catholic faith and the human-religious positive values to be interiorized and incarnated by the students in their daily lives and relationships with others and the world.

Heart Shape: Symbolizes the human heart that longs for God, ponders on the truths the intellect has gained, radiates love, and sustains life.Refers to Mary, the patroness of our school under the title of Our Lady of Lourdes, the  first disciple and mother of Jesus, who cares for us, leads us to her Son, and  inspires us to be like Him – strong in body, exemplary in wisdom, and outstanding in grace. Indicates the world, the arena of God’s transforming and saving actions, in which we journey and to which we should contribute our talent, time and treasure for it to become a beautiful place for us and the generations to come.

The Black Cross: Points to Jesus Christ, the Son in whom the Father is greatly delighted. He is the ultimate Truth and Love we ardently seek and bear witness to. He is the perfect model after whose mind, heart, hands, words, actions, and life of selfless service we intensely labor to pattern our very own head, heart, and hands. He lovingly gave up His life that we may learn to love with care, care with love, and have fullness of life.

The White Space; Refers to every student’s state of mind, heart, and being  that are pure  and open to receive,  to learn, and to be docile  to God’s will like Jesus and Mary.

  • Whole image from Claretian Missionaries
  • Symbolic meanings conceptualized by Rev. Fr. Albert N. Delvo


Lourdes Hymn


Our vision to behold,

Pure in mind, heart of gold,

Beautiful and true, we long to be like you

Sent to us from up above

To spread your wisdom and your love,

To turn word into deed,

We follow in your lead.


A miracle, that’s what you are,

A gift of hope, the brightest star,

To you we sing this hymn of praise,

Dear Lady full of grace.

Guide us with your gentle hand,

To a world as God had planned,

Blessed with peace and joy,

For every girl and boy.

Shine upon our darkest hour,

Protect us with enduring power,

Our life is now complete,

With a mother’s love so sweet.


(Repeat Chorus)

 Spiritual insights by Rev. Fr. Albert N. Delvo

Musics and lyrics by Jojo Martinez


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